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Virtual Training Agreement

The Student Acknowledges the following:​

  1. First, the student must complete the online course to receive the course completion certificate.

  2. The student must then send proof of having received the completion certificate via text or email. 

  3. After the completion certificate is verified by the training center, equipment for the virtual portion of the course will be sent to the student via mail and will arrive within 3-5 business days to the address provided by the student. Overnight shipping is available at an extra cost; if interested in overnight shipping, please contact the office through email or by phone.

  4. The student must schedule a Zoom call for the virtual portion of the course within 72 hours of receiving the package containing the equipment. Failure to schedule the Zoom call within this timeframe will result in a $10 LATE FEE for each day exceeding the 72 hour timeframe.

  5. The student must return the package provided by the training center within 72 hours of completing the Zoom call. The student can do this by dropping off the package at a local USPS or The UPS store. For the student’s convenience, a return label for the package will be provided via text or email after completion of the virtual portion of the course. 

  6. The CPR card will only be emailed to the student after the return tracking information of the package is uploaded and payments are made.

  7. If equipment is not mailed back in a timely manner, a $10/day LATE FEE will be charged to the card on file. Your card will be saved on file and charged accordingly.

  8. After 14 days, the student acknowledges that they owe the equipment amount of $230 in addition to any late fees accrued. Failure to pay the fee will result in the student’s account being turned over to collections.

  9. Lastly, by paying the $99 sign up fee, you agree to the terms and conditions for virtual BLS training conducted by the CPR Training Center.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


  1. A $64.99 fee is required in order to sign up for the course. This initial cost covers the eLearning portion of the course and shipping labels. After completing the eLearning portion, reflected by the course completion certificate, students must enroll in the virtual portion of the course conducted through a Zoom call. Enrollment in the Zoom call requires a second payment of $75. 

  2.  The sign up fee is non-refundable. The payment goes towards purchasing the online course directly from the American Heart Association. Once the course is sent to the student. We cannot take it back. The online course now belongs to the student. A refund is available only if the online course has not been sent to the student. We have a program that tells us the exact time the online course has been delivered to the student. If the student chooses to not participate in the virtual training. We can help locate a training center close by to complete the hands on portion of the training.

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