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Hybrid Training Terms and Conditions.

By paying the $74. The student agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. The course in non-refundable. The only condition that allows a refund is if the student has not received the online course after the confirmed payment.

  2. The student acknowledges that an additional fee may be applied for the hands on assessment once the online course is completed. The general fee is anywhere from $45-$80, depending on the students location.

  3. The student acknowledges this service is to help locate them a class in their area. TheBestBLS is not responsible for providing the hands on assessment. TheBestBLS is responsible for providing the student with a list of locations in their area that conduct the hands on assessment needed after online course completion.

  4. The student must send TheBestBLS the online course completion certificate before they receive the office information.

  5. The student acknowledges the time slot on the booking page is not their actual hands on assessment time. This time is the recommended time to complete the online course. However, if needed, the course is done at the students pace.

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