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Bundle package for ACLS & PALS. Includes online course.

ACLS + PALS Bundle (Includes Online Course)


      American Heart Association ACLS course

      For first time students and students in need of Renewal.

      Providers will enhance their skills in treating adult victims of cardiac arrest or other cardiopulmonary emergencies.  This course emphasizes the:

      • Importance of basic life support CPR to patient survival
      • Integration of effective basic life support with ACLS interventions
      • Importance of effective team interaction and communication during resuscitation

      The course includes simulated clinical scenarios that encourage active, hands-on participation through learning stations where students practice essential skills individually, as part of a team, and as team leader.

      Intended for: Anyone who may need to respond to a cardiovascular emergency.

      Course Content:

      • 1-rescuer CPR, AED
      • Defibrillation
      • Airway management
      • Rhythm recognition
      • IV/IO access
      • Use of medications
      • Cardioversion
      • Transcutaneous pacing
      • Effective resuscitation team dynamics

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